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Business Director - Eastern Canada


The successful candidate will be responsible for product and service sales within an assigned business or commercial unit (CU/BU). Assist with the development of, and lead the implementation of sales programs, strategies, and policies for assigned market in line with regional goals. Drive issues back through the Leadership Team as needed. Assist with completion of, and drive implementation of 5-year plans, annual tactical plans and Profit Objectives (PO) in concert with overall regional process. Ensure strategies are consistent with the overall regional strategies. Manage assigned sales, marketing, technical/agronomy, and supply chain personnel by establishing vision, priorities, providing leadership, managing goals, overseeing the hiring and evaluation process, and administering compensation. Represent and promote Pioneer and DuPont to key stakeholders in the business unit.


• Drive overall profitability and growth of the unit (inclusive of profitability and share).
• Directly manage sales employees in assigned unit.
• Manage employee performance through the establishment, communication and clarification of expectations. Hold individuals accountable for meeting established performance standards. Accomplish objectives through others, delegate
authority, organize staff, control costs and provide feedback.
• Create an environment that fosters initiative.
• Coach individuals to enhance selling activity, differentiate products and services and build relationships. Continually evaluate individual performance and provide feedback.
• Recruit, select and retain high-quality professional Area Managers, and assist with recruitment and retention of AM reports, to meet customer and company needs.
• Continually teach new and innovative ways to meet the needs of the customer. Ensure that all individuals in the market have the necessary technical skills and information needed to perform.
• Assist individuals with problem solving, using each situation as an opportunity to coach and teach.
• Provide leadership, vision, direction and focus for market sales activities. Manage resource allocation to achieve volume, market share and profit growth in sales area.
• Hire, train, evaluate, develop skills, set goals, discipline and terminate employees.
• Represent the Company in public/private meetings.


Business Operations
• Drive completion and implementation of 5-year plans, annual tactical plans and POS (in concert with overall North America process). Direct the execution of sales plans and marketing programs to achieve or exceed product line sales goals and other sales and marketing objectives.
• Manage resource allocation to achieve volume, market share and profit growth in assigned unit.
• Keep informed of competitive products, practices and strategies
• Plan by setting goals, develop and implement strategy, determine/approve tactics, and evaluate/adjust activities as
necessary to assure goal achievement with AMs and other staff.
• Coordinate support resources on strategies and programs needed to meet sales objectives.
• Continue to develop professionally by remaining current with new technologies, management innovations and sales
management developments.
• Understand customer needs and provide feedback up and down the organization on product performance, program
effectiveness and competitive activity. Suggest improvements or alternative tactics to help achieve BU goals.
• Maintain accurate documentation of plans, activities, and results.
• Develop and communicate timely, complete, and accurate sales forecasts and other sales data that will contribute to the effective use of sales resources and to the achievement of sales objectives. Uses market research, customer needs and
preferences to identify niche markets.
• Make decisions based on understanding the relationship between BU budget and the NAS budget and its impact on Pioneer financial results.
Technical/ Selling
• Assure a high level of customer service, provide for a feedback mechanism from customers/prospects to Pioneer. Identify customer and regional needs and communicate these needs to appropriate individuals.
• Influence the selling process by building relationships with high-level national accounts, business partners, and decisionmakers.
Coordinate with the National Accounts group.
• Coordinate with support groups to transfer needed information to the field (customer, reps, prospects, business partners, etc.).
• Strategize and coordinate with direct reports on the successful implementation of the BU sales plan.
Problem Solving:
• Develop strategies to grow Market Share and take advantage of Eastern CA and Canadian agribusiness opportunities.
• Accurately identify market position for all players and develop an aggressive marketing strategy.
• Investment levels in product development/research are monitored and influenced.
• Identify and anticipate Market opportunities and Product specific needs, making sure Research and Product
Development are aligned and working towards meeting these goals.
• Strategies to address performance issues with a long-term sales agency that may have been selling Pioneer brand seeds for many years but has not maintained the standards and metrics required.
• Maintaining market share in a geography with products that are at, or below, parity vs. key competitors.


Decision Making:
• Deciding how to allocate resources within the market to achieve sales volume, market share, revenue growth and profit
growth. The outcome of these decisions impacts the overall financial performance of the market and the organization.
• Deciding on sales strategies and determining the execution of these strategies and programs within assigned market.
The outcome of these decisions impacts the ability of the market to achieve desired objectives.
• Drive deeper analysis, challenge “status quo” and make decisions on Capital Investments vs. Outsourcing options in order to improve Balance Sheet metrics and reduce Capital Expenditure needs.


Education and Experience: Bachelors degree in Ag-business, Agronomy, Business, Marketing or related area. 10 or more years experience in marketing, sales or sales management.

• Pioneer offerings, DuPont products associated with seed, and competitive product/service offerings; value chain and production practices;
• Selling & marketing tools and techniques, financial analysis;
• Environmental, regulatory, and stewardship issues of Pioneer & DuPont and competitive products at the local/regional level;
• Financial concepts and analysis related to business management.
• Skills:
• Selling, negotiating, influencing, conflict resolution and handling objections;
• Collecting, interpreting & communicating market, customer & competitive data.
• Build/maintain strong relationships with peers, customers, key industry/market influencers, DuPont & Pioneer partners and direct reports;
• Lead and motivate teams through continuous change;
• Manage, coach and counsel;
• Identify key issues and develop innovative solutions and communicate at all levels in the organization;
• Get results by taking initiative, overcoming obstacles & finding creative solutions;
• Work in and adapt to a rapidly changing business environment.

Customer Orientation
Cultivating strategic customer relationships and ensuring that the customer perspective is the driving force behind all value-added business activities. Ensures that jobs and talent are in the best location for the work; as defined by the customer and the business.
Selling the Vision
Passionately sells the Pioneer strategy; creating a clear view of the future state by helping others understand and feel how things will be different when the future vision is achieved. Helps all employees understand that the Pioneer culture evolves.
Building Winning Teams
Using appropriate methods and interpersonal styles to develop, motivate, and guide a team toward successful outcomes and attainment of business objectives. Utilizes small focused teams to meet business objectives.
Building Organizational Talent
Actively manages talent by attracting, developing, and retaining talented individuals; creating a learning environment that ensures employees realize their highest potential, allowing the organization as a whole to meet future challenges.
Championing Change
Encourages others to seek opportunities for different and innovative approaches to addressing problems and opportunities; facilitates the implementation and acceptance of change within the workplace. Understands, supports and clearly communicates new business models and how the Pioneer culture evolves.
Driving Execution
Keeping the end game in sight translates strategy into operational reality. Breaks down strategies or business initiatives into key tasks and identifies accountability. Aligns communication, people, processes, culture and resources to ensure effective implementation and delivery of required results. Demonstrates decisiveness, not consensus. Leverages the use of small decision teams.
Raising the Bar
Driving growth orientation and increased urgency by continuously raising expectations of team performance; motivating and supporting team efforts to achieve goals while upholding organizational values and standards; tracking progress toward goals.
Business Acumen
Understanding the organization's business model and financial goals; utilizing economic, financial, and organizational data to build and document the business case for investing in workplace learning and performance solutions; using business terminology when communicating with others. Demonstrates an understanding of the seed business.

Business Management
Plans, organizes, and executes territory product life cycle/demand anticipation, supply allocation/shipping, and budget resources effectively.
Business Planning
Establishes territory and primary account plans to meet business objectives.
Sales Planning
Plans, organizes, and executes call strategy with retailers and growers.
Sales Execution
Initiates customers’ awareness, positions value, and creates product/service demand.
Sales Service
Ensures customer and grower satisfaction before, during, and after the sale.
Sales Effectiveness
Assesses gaps, trains, and coaches reps/agencies/retailers on Pioneer product and service solutions to meet the changing needs of growers.



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