Supply Chain &
Global Procurement


Our Supply Chain and Global Procurement teams are Resourceful, Agile & Enterprising.

Our team plays a vital role in facilitating the delivery of high quality products and services to our customers. We foster a global commercial network of partners and suppliers, to optimize supply chain processes.



Our supply Chain & Procurement team is highly driven to help us to keep and extend our competitive edge.

With hundreds of locations, thousands of products and millions of customers worldwide, challenges don´t come much greater or complex than the ones our team tackles every day.



​​​​​​​Our procurement activities deliver substantial and sustainable competitive advantages to our businesses and customers. 

We work with a network of competitive suppliers to purchase the technical goods, raw materials, services and logistics solutions needed to produce and distribute our products around the globe. 



Our supply chain management processes support the flow of materials for manufacturing, on-site logistics operations and delivery to our customers.

We support our business units globally, working on strategic solutions to differenciate our range of services, help us to improve our service for customers and optimize our cost structure.

All of this with the clear objective of improving operational results.

The Value of a DuPont Career


Advantages that a DuPont career creates for me:
• Access to professional challenges.
• Assignments that drive career & capability growth.
• Competitive rewards linked to both collective and individual performance.


What I encounter in the DuPont workplace: 
• A collaborative environment where teamwork is celebrated.
• Flexibility that enhances balance.
• An inclusive atmosphere that is welcoming to all.


Things that add meaning to my DuPont career:
• Bringing innovations to market that improve life.
• A commitment to sustainability that makes the world better.
• Giving back to communities in which we work and live.

Our People, Our Values

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Safety and health

We’re committed to protecting the safety and health of our employees, our contractors, our customers, and the people in the communities where we operate.

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Respect for people

We treat our employees and all our partners with professionalism, dignity, and respect, fostering an environment where people can contribute, innovate, and excel.

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Highest ethical behavior

We conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and in compliance with all applicable laws, always striving to be a respected corporate citizen worldwide.

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Protecting the planet

We find science-enabled, sustainable solutions for our customers, always managing our businesses to protect the environment and preserve the earth’s natural resources—for today and for future generations.

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