Hiring FAQ´s

Hiring FAQs

Important Note to Job Seekers: Avoid Recruitment Scams

DuPont has been alerted to fraudulent activity where individuals pretending to represent DuPont are emailing employment offer letters and contracts to prospective job seekers. The documents appear legitimate and may include a job description, salary, and benefits details. After extending the fictitious offer, these individuals ask for direct payment via money transfer to pay for fictitious onboarding services. 

If you suspect a communication or job offer is fraudulent, please review the guidance below:

  1. DuPont will never ask for any form of direct payment to process immigration documents, arrange visas, book travel, or to initiate background checks. Do not send money at any time to a DuPont employee, or anyone claiming to be a representative of DuPont.
  2. Legitimate information regarding job opportunities with DuPont can always be found on our career site at www.dupont.com/careers.html. In order to be considered for a position at DuPont you will always be directed to formally apply for the job via our career site.
  3. DuPont will only ever contact you from a verifiable @dupont.com email address. Verify the email address is legitimate.  We will never use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other non-official email account to communicate with potential candidates.
  4. If you have additional concerns about potential fraudulent activity, consult the “Help” section of whatever platform an individual reached out to you on (e.g. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.).

If you believe that you have been the potential victim of recruitment fraud with DuPont or any of our affiliated companies, please report the incident here.

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